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At a glance...

  • Easy to use Interfaces - touch panels, remote controls and iPads
  • Integrate heating, lighting, security, home cinema, music and video
  • Tailored to your requirements - whatever the project size
  • Modular - the system can be expanded and built upon in the future

At iControl AV we use Control4 on many of our home automation projects.

iControl AV is a certified and authorised dealer of Control4. Our system designers, engineers and programmers are all trained directly by the manufacturer to provide a full range of services; site surveys, consultation, design, supply, installation, testing, maintenance, training and support.

What is Control4?

Control4 is the leading manufacturer of home automation products. The solution provides the perfect balance of features, ease of use and reliability for both residential and commercial projects where ‘smart’ technology control is required.

It integrates everything from video, music, lighting, climate control and security. Intuitive control is provided through handheld remote controls, touch panels, smart phones and tablets.

All Control4 systems we design and install are programmed to suit your unique project and the way you live, making it suitable for all sorts of applications.

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What does it do?

Essentially Control4 is the ‘brains’ of your smart system. It tells all kinds of compatible devices what to do and when to do it. At its basic level Control4 is a way of consolidating the plethora of remote controls (TV’s, Amplifiers, BluRay players, SKY boxes etc.) we all accumulate into just one, simple to use remote control. However it comes in to its own in a ‘smart home’. For example, on selecting ‘Watch BluRay’ from your Control4 remote control or touch panel, the intelligent processor will instruct your projector and screen to come down from the ceiling and switch on, your surround sound system to activate to ‘movie mode’, lights to gently dim, blinds or curtains to close and set the climate to a pre-set level. All this happens in a matter of seconds leaving you to enjoy the film.

Wired Or Wireless?

Control4’s is very versatile, not only is it a perfect solution for new projects where cabling is not a problem, but also for retro-fits where flexibility is required and cable runs are restricted. The wireless standard ‘Zigbee’ is utilised to provide a rock solid wireless control network. Zigbee was developed specifically to meet the unique challenges of wireless control.

Cutting Edge Design

The sleek looking touch panels, clever remote controls and on TV displays make using Control4 and your system a pleasure.

The interface is slick – making the most of your system is made easy with clear icons and universal displays on all interfaces – even the apps for tablets, iPad’s and iPhone’s use the same layout.

Control4 takes all the hard work out of operating what would otherwise be a complicated system.

What services can Control4 integrate?

Integration and control of the following services are made possible:

  • TV, video and music distribution
  • Home Cinema
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Gate Entry

At iControl AV we utilise Control4 for all sorts of projects, from large leisure facilities to one off house builds – where discerning clients demand the latest in automation and technology.

By discussing project requirements we assess the suitability of Control4 to meet your requirements and will guide you through a number of options as the design of your system takes shape.

We provide the complete solution, guiding clients and contractors through the initial stages of design all the way through to client handover.

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