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Maintenance & Aftercare Maintenance & Aftercare

Maintenance & Aftercare

We keep in touch and are only a call away

At a glance...

  • Touch base periodically
  • Remote trouble shooting
  • Fast response
  • Routine maintenance

After we have set everything up we want to make sure you are happy and confident with how all your new systems work.

So we demonstrate each aspect, walking you through room by room, device by device. We answer all your questions, anticipate many of your queries and only leave when you understand how to operate everything quickly and easily.

Even when we leave we are not far away. After a week or two we will touch base to see if any little changes are needed to suit your personal preferences. In your easy-to-read owners’ manual you will find simple explanations and help pages, along with warranties and details of your service contract if you’ve taken one out. The service contract sets out our agreed response times should there be any problems in the future, and we will also agree a programme of routine maintenance.


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Smart systems for smart homes

Smart systems mean our engineers can carry out many operations remotely, whether they are trouble shooting or simply monitoring that all is as it should be. We will arrange a return visit after a specified period so that you can ask for any more adjustments after having had chance to enjoy your system and really get to know it.

As a company based in Hampshire and London, we can be more competitive in every service we offer. Distance is not an object, however, and we travel across the UK and overseas to give our clients the very best in customer service and aftercare.

Attention to detail

We devote a great deal of care and attention to all of our projects. We are extremely attentive to all your concerns and questions. We ensure a prompt, personalised response with aftercare and maintenance that matches the highest standards you expect.

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