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Bespoke Programming Bespoke Programming

Bespoke Programming

Your system tailored just for you

At a glance...

  • Expert programming
  • Designed around your needs
  • Remote tweaks
  • Ease of use essential

Bespoke programming personalises your home automation equipment so it does exactly what you want it to do.

We will tailor it just for you, and because everything is interconnected that means you can enjoy a stunning array of features. Your smart home anticipates your needs – and can even feed back to you.

Programming is what allows you to take control of your whole home with a single button – and you can rely on iControl AV’s qualified in-house specialists to deliver this essential element.

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Your smart home knows your needs

We can programme in special commands so that, for example, a text message is received if you have left the garage door open after 10pm. Or when a certain temperature is reached outside, the garden sprinklers come on.

You will be able to choose lighting options such as ‘entertaining mode’ or ‘evening mode,’ programmed according to your personal preferences. Light levels can also be set to coincide with sunrise and sunset throughout the year.

Heating can be programmed to come on when the temperature drops outside, and CCTV cameras to start recording if sensors detect movement. Motion sensors can also be linked to your multiroom audio to turn the music on when someone enters a room. The same goes for lights and multiroom video.

At bedtime, a single tap on your ‘Goodnight’ button switches off the lights, locks the doors, arms your security system, closes the curtains and turns all TVs and game consoles off. Likewise when you go out in the morning.

Feedback from your intelligent home

With bespoke programming your smart home can let you know if something is amiss. You will get an email or text, for example, if you leave the front door open when you leave for work, or the lights on upstairs. You can then rectify the problem remotely.

If you are away from home and your children are out late, you can receive a reassuring email or text when the front door opens and shuts again, showing they are back safely. If they do not return from school at the expected time, you receive an alert. (On the other hand, you can also set the system to let you know if they have been on the X-box for two hours when they are supposed to be doing their homework.)

It is a totally personalised, intelligent home, programmed to suit you and your family.

First-class service

The success of your entire system hinges on expert programming. If it is not done well your system will not work as you want, no matter how good it is.

That is why all our programming is done in-house, by our own highly qualified engineers. This is key and gives you the reassurance of knowing that this vital job will be carried out to iControl AV’s renowned first-class standards.

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