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Multi Room Video Multi Room Video

Multi Room Video

Total viewing control

At a glance...

  • Total viewing flexibility
  • Sophisticated modern luxury
  • All boxes and cables concealed
  • Best installation in the business

Turn your home into a multimedia masterpiece, or simply enjoy watching TV and video anywhere from your dining room to your bathrooms.

Bring your home alive with exciting, high-end video systems using the very latest in audiovisual technology and elegant, non-intrusive design. Multi room video systems give you complete control over the visual media around your home, so you can watch what you want, where you want. Enjoy a much more exciting visual experience, integrating Sky, DVDs, Blu-Ray or CCTV. Start watching a programme in one room then move to another, picking up exactly where you left off; store the personal preferences of every member of the family; hide all the boxes and cables away in one central rack. Whether your idea of heaven is a bubble bath and a movie, the big match on a giant screen in the games room, or you’re hooked on 24-hour news and want it on wherever you are, multiroom video is for you.

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Intelligent design

With iControl AV you benefit from both intelligent design and sophisticated technology. Our multi room video systems are made to enhance your interior design and add wow factor to your home. You can choose from art screens, hidden mirrors and clever TV lifts – brilliantly innovative ways to watch TV that are as impressive as they are stylish. Invite your friends for a film or football night and see their amazement as your floor-to-ceiling mirror turns into a wide-screen TV at the touch of a button.

We eliminate clutter and excessive wiring to blend the technology seamlessly with your decor. Smart design means equipment is discreet, unobtrusive and saves space. Our expert engineers can easily conceal televisions and video screens or work with your interior design to integrate them into your design plan.

How does multi room video work?

Sophisticated technology made simple – that’s the joy of a cutting-edge video system. You can use multiple Sky HD boxes, watch CCTV, select from your DVD and Blu-Ray library, pick up a games console and start playing … all using an easy touch screen. All the boxes are stored out of site in one central rack. For example, each family member can access their own Sky system – with all their stored recordings and favourites – wherever they are. If they move from the kitchen to the games room or bedroom, they simply carry on watching there.

iControl AV multi room video systems

Our expert technicians and project managers consult with you every step of the way to ensure your multi room video experience suits your style and requirements exactly. We can advise on the right equipment for your budget, and because we are independent with no ties to any brand, we will recommend the products that are just right for you. Our installers are the best in the industry, very experienced in working neatly and discreetly in beautiful homes.


  • Bespoke for every home
  • Total watching flexibility
  • Video in every room
  • Control anywhere in the home
  • Can be hidden when not in use
  • Endless design and functionality options

Multi room video systems portray sophistication and reflect a luxurious, modern lifestyle. Contact us today to find out more.

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