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Multi Room Music Multi Room Music

Multi Room Music

Your world of music

At a glance...

  • Total control of sound
  • Whole-home music
  • Sleek, intelligent design
  • Great for entertaining
  • Huge speaker choice
  • Access millions of tracks

Transform the way you listen to music. Play the same music throughout your home or something different in every room.

Transform the way you listen to music. A sophisticated multi room speaker system allows you to have the same music playing throughout your home, or something different in every room. You can switch from simultaneous sound that flows through every space – perfect for parties – to individual listening. So while you are relaxing with your favourite songs, the children can be listening to digital radio, and the gym has its own playlist. Multi room home audio systems mean impeccable sound quality, ultimate flexibility and never having to miss a beat. Discreet speakers blend into your decor and a simple touch screen panel puts you in total control. Our music technicians will help you choose the perfect system and our brilliant engineers will install it.

With an integrated multi room music system you can browse and select tracks from your iPhone/iPad, iTunes, media drives or CDs. Enjoy music on demand, streaming live via broadband for Spotify, Rhapsody and Last.fm etc. We can even incorporate older equipment such as record players to re-energise your vinyl collection.


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The luxury of multi room music

Everyone benefits from the ability to listen to their own music in their own room, yet revel in whole-house sound when it’s wanted. You can set a morning playlist to come on as you wake, access thousands of songs from your music collection or tune in to your favourite radio station. Sit back and relax, or continue listening as you move around the house. Performance is superb, every time.

Advanced control

Owning the very latest multi room audio system is ideal for entertaining. Guests will be stunned (and not a little envious) at the design, flexibility and quality of your audio. Host a party and have the same music playing in every room. You can set the scene with lower volume in the dining room or quiet areas where guests can talk, and more decibels for dancing or the games room.

Flexibility continues with the best sound to suit each room: perhaps a simple system for the bathrooms and children’s rooms, and the highest spec for the areas where you will really appreciate exquisite quality.

iControl AV multi room audio systems

A sound system from iControl AV enhances your home. The multi room wireless speakers can be concealed and the whole system is effortlessly hidden so you can listen in style without bulky equipment and excess wiring. Design is intelligent and discreet. We work seamlessly with architects and interior designers, and we have years of experience of working in beautiful homes.

What sets us apart? We have the expertise of degree-level music technology and our engineers are trained to devote attention to every detail.

Multi room AV systems are also part of home automation and control, and can be integrated with other home entertainment systems.


  • The easy-to-use multi room sound system
  • High-quality sound
  • Complete control over your home audio
  • Whole-home sound or different music in every room
  • Sleek design blends with your décor
  • Expertise from top technicians and engineers

For multi room AV and your wireless home music system, contact us today.

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