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Intelligent Lighting Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

Chic and convenient

At a glance...

  • Enhance your home
  • Eco friendly
  • Create a mood
  • Security features
  • Convenience
  • Bespoke Design

Control the lighting throughout your home from one device and use sophisticated yet clear, easy to use systems to set the mood in every room.

With intelligent lighting you can control all your lighting from a single screen. All your lights can be instantly switched on or off as you return home or leave the house, for example, for ultimate convenience and energy efficiency. Lighting can be integrated with your security system and we can work with your interior designer to create feature lighting that shows your home at its very best. Home lighting control systems are also a way of personalising your home and helping to create a distinctive atmosphere. You will be thrilled when you see the difference you can make with intelligent lighting. Lighting effects can completely change the way you feel and help to set the mood in different areas, from chic style in the living room to an impressively lit pool table.


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What do automated lighting systems do?

Take control of your lighting using a single device and see the difference it makes. You can programme your lights to come on exactly when you need them to, with individual settings for every room all controlled from a simple central touch screen. If you are passionate about green living you will love automated lighting systems because you can utilise energy-saving technology;

  • Low energy LED lamps
  • Occupancy sensors to automatically switch lights on/off
  • Dimming technology further saves energy and increases lamp life It’s intuitive and very practical.

You can also enhance your home security by programming lights to go on and off when you are out to give the impression that someone is in. As part of an integrated security system, lights can be triggered by intruders who trip a motion detector or vibration sensors.

Mood lighting

As well as being practical and convenient, smart lighting can be used to create impressive lighting displays and stylish lighting scenes throughout your home and garden. You might choose colour-changing effects, mood lighting to set a tone, and subtle or dramatic hues to suit the occasion. Whether you are lighting a dinner party, setting up a games room, preparing for a romantic evening, hosting a big event or are creating a smart home that stands out from the pack, lighting has a very important part to play.

iControl AV intelligent lighting systems

Our automated lighting systems are highly intuitive and will completely change your perception of home lighting. Our experienced lighting specialists will consult with you to decide how you want to maximise the lighting in your home, then collaborate with you or your interior designer to seamlessly blend technology and style.

We use a variety of leading brands but as we have no contractual ties with any company, we can advise on the very best available across the market and the most suitable lighting system for your property.

Our technicians and installers have a neat approach that respects your home and minimises inconvenience. They are expert at concealing wiring, installing elegant controls and hiding way the hi-tech box of tricks that will keeps the whole system operating smoothly.


  • Simple to use
  • Tailor made to your home
  • Control everything in one place
  • Can be used for security purposes
  • Create a specific mood
  • Eco-friendly home lighting solution
  • Choice of brands
  • Enhance the lighting around your home

For automated lighting systems that make your home shine, contact us today.

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