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Your VIP movie experience

At a glance...

  • Cinema quality in your own home
  • Choice of seats and lighting
  • Thrill of the big screen
  • Stunning Movies, TV and Games

Imagine having your very own cinema at home. Sit back and relax in luxurious cinema-style seats and watch your favourite movies on the big screen.

A home cinema room can be installed in a converted garage, loft or basement, or any suitable space. Once you’ve tasted the luxury of watching films on your own personal big screen, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Invite friends, settle down with family and pick the movies you want to see, when you want to see them. You can choose cinema-style seats and make a bucket of popcorn if you want to recreate the feeling of your local cinema (without the crowds, queues and rustling sweet wrappers). Or you might snuggle on soft sofas with a bottle of fine wine. iControl AV are the home cinema company trusted by discerning clients and some of the best interior designers and architects in the country. Our highly experienced engineers and installers are experts in the latest technology.


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What’s your style?

You might love action blockbusters, plot-twisting thrillers or romantic classics; the children will probably go for Disney (and think how impressed their friends will be when they are invited for a movie night); maybe your taste runs to Westerns or sci-fi. With a home cinema installation you are ready for everything Hollywood has to offer, from the latest blockbusters to the sophisticated arcade games experience.

Just as important as your choice in movies is the style you choose for your bespoke home cinema. Seating, lighting and décor will be expertly tailored to your specifications. Glitz, glamour or contemporary cool, iControl AV can create the home cinema installation that’s right for you.

Our bespoke media rooms are achieved by working closely with interior designers, using the very best multimedia products and creating a design that fits your home perfectly.

VIP quality from your home theatre installation

Your private cinema will have premium-quality sound and video. You can choose a fixed or retracting projector screen, LCD/LED or 103″ plasma. There are high definition, 3D and 4K picture options, and 7.1 or 9.2 Surround Sound. As well as movies, you can watch television – it’s a brilliant way to enjoy the excitement and drama of that latest must-see TV series – or play games on the big screen.

An attic, basement, games room or newly converted garage would be the perfect space.

iControl AV home cinema designers

iControl AV are unique among home cinema companies in the length of experience we combine with technical expertise. We use highly sophisticated technologies to install state-of-the-art home theatre designs, consulting with you at every stage of the project. We stand out from others in our attention to detail and our professionalism during every minute we spend in your home.

And because we are not tied to any brands, we can advise you on the best equipment to make maximum use of your budget.


  • The thrill of the big screen
  • Cutting-edge design, ability to integrate Smart TV and 3D TV
  • Made to your specific requirements
  • Specialists in smart home technology

For a home cinema installation that brings you all the magic of the big screen, contact us today.

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