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Data Networks

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  • Fast, secure internet
  • Wi-Fi in every room
  • Connect all your devices
  • Future proof your home

Our data and communications networks give you fast, secure internet in every room and seamless operation of your home automation system.

Today’s fast-paced world requires us to be connected all the time and have everything working in synergy. A high-quality data and communications network is the bedrock of your home technology. We install hard-wired and Wi-Fi data networks to every room so that you can share, swap and use data wherever you want to. You will be able to enjoy multi room video, listen to audio throughout your home from an iPad or top-of-the-range music system, and share printers and scanners. Strong, secure wireless signals in every room mean super-fast internet for work or entertainment. Cable installation will be out of sight and all control boxes hidden away, for a smart home with a sleek look. Data networks are constantly improving but your system will be as future proofed as can be, so you are ready for whatever new technologies tomorrow brings.


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What is a data and communications network?

Put simply, if you want all your technology to run smoothly at home, you will need a high-quality data network. The network will integrate your telephone systems, cabling, Wi-Fi and electronics with high-speed broadband. Multiple devices, telephone lines and services can all use the same cabling. All family members can connect to browse the Web, easily share photos, listen to music or work on emails.

You can benefit from room-to-room dialling, incorporate Digital TV and Sky HD plus, connect games consoles and store all your music, pictures and video on a central hard drive. The data and communications network is also the means by which your home automation – automated lighting, home security, blinds and curtains, for example – operates smoothly.

What do I need?

We will recommend the best system for your specific needs, suggesting the highest-quality brands selected from our unrivalled experience and technological expertise. The fact that we have no ties to any manufacturer means we can offer the products that best suit your home or budget. We always look to be as cost effective as possible, giving you the very most for your money.

We can install Cat5, Cat6 and fibre-optic cable infrastructures. Fibre-optic cables are an excellent way to future proof your home, as they handle all present technologies whilst allowing scope for new developments. Your system will be flexible, adaptable and ready for you to add more features as you wish.

iControl AV – your first choice

Whether you choose a simple home or advanced (commercial level) data and communications network, choose iControl AV for the best engineers and installers in the industry. We will take you through every step or, if you prefer, present you with a finished system you can use immediately. Your secure, fast network will underpin all your home technologies, from your gadgets to essential climate and lighting controls. It will also make maintenance and trouble-shooting easy and convenient as our technicians can work on your system remotely.

We work with leading architects and interior designers on new builds and refurbishments to integrate installation with minimum disruption. Our systems are reliable, efficient and offer excellent value for money.


  • Network access throughout your home
  • Can be created in synergy with home automation projects
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Make communication effortless
  • Compatible with numerous devices

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