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The best, easiest and most cost-effective time to plan for home technology is when a property is being built or renovated.

Early planning adds significant value at a low cost and ensures no further disruption takes place when completed.

We have extensive experience working with property developers, interior designers and architects, designing systems that ensure the basic infrastructure is in place to support the technology of ‘now’ and future proof for the technology of ‘tomorrow’.

As with most projects, clients and types of homes will have different requirements when it comes to technology – ranging from simple multi-room HD audio and video distribution right up to a full blown smart home system incorporating intelligent lighting and climate control systems. Regardless of the size of system, our designs ensure the right cabling is in place for when the client moves in.

Advance Planning

We provide detailed plans to allow your contractors to easily install or ‘first fix’ all the cabling, saving time and cost, as well as building value into the overall project. Pre-cabling under our guidance gives you the peace of mind that future entertainment and control expectations can be easily achieved without hassle or further disruptions.

Supply – Install – Commission

We will supply all cables and terminations to fulfil the proposed specification. If you prefer to use our own experienced engineers rather than the onsite contractors we can carry out the first fix too. You can rely on us for expert advance planning, knowledge and specialist advice on choosing the ideal entertainment and control systems.

All our projects come with a handbook which details – clearly and simply – the options and capabilities of the pre-cabled system. The handbook details the location choices for different components – such as TV’s, touch panels, speakers – allowing the end client to easily select the desired elements. We are always on hand to guide the client through the different options available and offer our supply and commissioning services.

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