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We understand the importance of great customer service and know the quality of the customer experience can make or break any business – and in the hospitality industry, this is even more evident.

In room entertainment systems are fast becoming the norm, with many hotels looking to incorporate the very latest technology to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Tech savvy clients who are highly mobile and ‘always connected’ expect the same level of experience – if not better – in a hotel room than they would have in their own home. A sophisticated yet easy to use control system can easily give guests the ability to access hotel services, Climate Control along with intuitive control of the various audio and video products. Intelligent Lighting in rooms, automated blinds and curtains can all be achieved with wall touch panels or smart remote controls.

Modern technologies such as IPTV and streaming movies can give your guests a greater choice. We specialise in discreet systems, so if you want the very latest technology but don’t want to detract from the room décor we can help.

We have utilised hidden technologies in the Royal Suite of The Savoy Hotel in London which included invisible speakers in the walls and ceilings to mirrors that turn into TV’s at the touch of a button.

Our portfolio includes iconic hotels including The Savoy, The Shard and The Cafe Royal. Our understanding of these kinds of projects means we are perfectly positioned to deliver spectacular results.

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